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Simple Man Money was founded by Jason White, author of another popular personal finance blog, Frugal Dad, which chronicled his family’s journey through The Great Recession of 2008 and beyond.

Jason is back to chronicle his next journey; surviving midlife without a crisis!

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Welcome! Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me. While I have no wild tales and only a few bits of sage advice to share I do have a wealth of experience making money mistakes.

I also spent several years working for a bank and then a credit card company, so I’ve seen the “belly of the beast” from the same view Jonah had inside the whale; for the most part, it wasn’t pretty.

The good news is that experience shaped my perspective on money, debt, careers and investments. It made me more cautious in some ways and more of a spendthrift in others.  I have to work to contain the latter, the little green monster on my shoulder whispering to me, “Go ahead, finance the truck – you can afford the payment.”

Pretty soon those payments stack up nearly as high as your income and that spells trouble.

I started FrugalDad.com in the winter of 2007 as a way to journal my family’s attempts at living the frugal life. I was fortunate to attract a large audience, picked up a few national media mentions, and was able to monetize some of those opportunities to get my family out of debt.

Unfortunately, I never changed my habits, and when I got out of blogging and the money stopped my spending did not.

One day I looked up and saw myself again accumulating debt.  It was a sinking feeling.  After swearing “Never Again!” I was quickly approaching 40 years-old with new debts in tow.

This time it’s different. This time I AM changing my habits. I’ve created this new blog as an invitation to follow along and be my accountability partner.  I hope you will share articles and ideas you learn here with others and we can again build an online community for those driven to improve their relationship with money.

Again, thank you for reading and joining me on this journey!


Simple Man Money