Why I Gave Up Budgeting


I have a confession of sorts – I hate budgeting. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I do enjoy planning and developing a budget; I’m just terrible at following them. So I quit budgets. It really is freeing to give up tracking every expenditure. I spend a lot less time now …

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Forget Everything You Learned About Emergency Funds


It’s an age-old question in personal finances:  How much should be in my emergency funds? The answer should be there is no answer.   The size of your emergency funds is a function of your personal situation, family status, employment stability, etc. However, there is no shortage of “financial gurus” …

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Alternatives To Cable That Saved Us $1,000 Last Year

alternatives to cable

For many years I have threatened to cancel our cable television service, and for many years I’ve made excuses why I didn’t think it would work well for our family.  That was until plenty of alternatives to cable arrived on the scene. While I don’t watch a lot of television, I …

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