Ebates Review: A Simple Way to Earn Cash Back for Normal Online Shopping

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Over the years I have read many other blogs touting Ebates as one of the best online shopping sites for cash back rebates. I was naturally skeptical, but since I began blogging and understanding affiliate relationships myself, the business model makes more sense.

Ebates receives affiliate commissions from retailers they mention on their site.

If you, the shopper, use the affiliate link hosted at Ebates to do your online shopping, Ebates returns a portion of that affiliate money to you.

I recently had a good experience with the service and thought I would put together this Ebates review for readers on the fence.

How does Ebates make money?

For example, I recently had to replace our washer.

I went to Ebates and found the link for Lowe’s. They were offering 1.5% cash back on purchases at Lowe’s.

Now, Ebates might get as much as 4-5% cash back for that transaction, but they are happy to share some of that with registered Ebates members since more users equals more buyers and more revenue for them.

You can see in the image above my $10 welcome bonus and $7.49 cash back from my washing machine purchase at Lowe’s.

How does Ebates work?

The first thing to do is sign up for a free account at Ebates.com. <== If you use that link you will receive a $10 bonus after spending $25. I’ll earn a small affiliate commission, too, thanks!

Before you buy anything online, check out the Ebates website for a link to that merchant. They are the best online shopping site, in my opinion. Many times you can even find coupons or promo codes to increase your savings.

Several times a year Ebates runs “double cash back” promotions for selected vendors. For example, maybe I could have purchased the washing machine at Home Depot, or another vendor, with a double cash back deal earning me up to 3% cash back. That’s $15 cash back on a $500 washing machine – not too shabby!

Save on the go with the Ebates App for iPhone, Android and iPad. Enjoy exclusive offers like extra Cash Back and daily deals on trending items.

But I don’t always shop online

Good point – neither do I. When I purchased our new washer I opted for “store pickup” rather than shipping (or in this case, delivery). This way I can still shop at the best online shopping site and earn cash back, but pick up my item(s) locally.

As an alternative, you can tie your Visa or American Express card to your Ebates account and get cash-back on in-store offers, too.  Find an offer on Ebates and link it your credit card.

When you shop in the store you will receive the same cash back incentive as if you purchased through the Ebates website.

What to do with cash back reward checks?

Personally, I like to deposit cash back reward checks from Ebates into our Christmas or Vacation sinking fund.  It’s a nice little bonus addition to these savings accounts which doesn’t require any extra diversion from a paycheck.

For large items that I purchase with a credit card (like that washing machine) I deposit the cash back rewards checks from Ebates into our primary checking account and use it to help pay off the credit card when the statement arrives.

The cash back earned from Ebates plus the cash back rewards offered by our American Express Blue credit card add up to a nice “discount” on large-ticket items.

You really have nothing to lose.  Sign up with Ebates today and get a $10 welcome bonus after spending your first $25.00!

Ebates Is One of the Easiest Ways to Earn Cash Back On Normal Online Shopping - check out this fantastic Ebates review!Ebates offers a simple way to earn cash back for normal online shopping
Ebates Is One of the Easiest Ways to Earn Cash Back On Normal Online Shopping - check out this fantastic Ebates review!
Ebates Is One of the Easiest Ways to Earn Cash Back On Normal Online Shopping - check out this fantastic Ebates review!

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