16 Reasons Why You Are Broke

Thirteen years ago I was broke.  I mean flat broke.  I was stuck in a dead end job.  I had a mountain of student loan debt, a smaller mountain of credit card debt, a new car lease, and a newborn baby. I was stressed, depressed and anxious all the time. …

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What To Buy In July

With summer winding down for some, and just getting started for others, the month of July offers a unique opportunity to score deals, if you know what to buy in July. Some things are fairly obvious, like summer clothes and fruits and vegetables.  Other items may seem counterintuitive, like vacation …

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Running Your Household Finances Like a Business

Have you ever known someone who was great at running a business, but lousy at running their personal finances?  Unfortunately, that’s been me for the majority of my adult life. When it comes to spending company money, I’m frugal, thoughtful and borderline tightwad.  When it comes to spending my own …

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Improve Your Credit Score In 9 Simple Steps

Are you trying to improve your credit score?  I don’t have much use for credit scores these days.  Except for the occasional store card we open to save on a big purchase, I figure my credit score is largely irrelevant. Having said that, I also do not go out of my …

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