Finding Ideal Rental Property

Over the last few weeks I have stepped up my search for my first rental property. What started as sort of a passive search (oh, if a good deal falls in my lap I may look into it) has now become a daily routine of checking real estate websites and …

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alternatives to cable

Alternatives To Cable That Saved Us $1,000 Last Year

For many years I have threatened to cancel our cable television service, and for many years I’ve made excuses why I didn’t think it would work well for our family.  That was until plenty of alternatives to cable arrived on the scene. While I don’t watch a lot of television, I …

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cash for gift cards

How to Get Cash for Gift Cards

Are you like one of the millions of Americans who received a gift card for Christmas this year?  Are you also like one of the millions who would prefer to get cash for gift cards to stores you never visit? I would much rather get cash for gift cards and …

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time to dump debt

5 Crucial Reasons to Dump Debt Now

In times of plenty, the average amount of debt a person carries tends to increase as consumers use credit cards like cash and make big-ticket purchases on items like cars and expensive electronics. However, such behavior may lead to an impossible mountain of debt when the economy reverses course or …

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The Ultimate Holiday Tipping Guide

With the holidays approaching and everyone scrambling to complete their Christmas lists, it’s also a good time to think about showing appreciation for those whose service you benefit from all year long. Holiday tipping provides a way to show that appreciation, but if not done right, it can have the …

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