Gift Guide for Simple Men

When considering a gift guide for men you have to into account a number of factors. After all, we are not exactly easy to shop for!

First, you must consider what type of man for whom you are buying.

Is he a sporty guy?  A nerdy guy? A handy man (or does he just think he is)?

Maybe you need men’s gift ideas for a man who fits all three categories.

The second thing to consider is the occasion.  Is this a holiday gift for a man?  Do you need men’s birthday gift ideas?

The following collection of gift ideas for men should inspire at least one or two cool ideas.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Men

eTape Smart Tape Measure ($$)

My neighbor had one of these and I was ready to make fun of him for not knowing how to read a ruler.

However, after squinting to read each 1/16th mark on my old tape measure I decided he was on to something!


Grill Daddy Pro Steam Brush ($$)

Every grill daddy needs this steam brush! My wife bought this for me years ago and it is still my favorite grill-cleaning tool.

You simply add water and then scrape the grill after you are finished grilling.

The heat from the grill creates a steam with the water that touches it and helps loosen the grime stuck to grill grates.


Poker Kit ($$$)

The poker chips and case are awesome for a game-night with my buddies!

The playing cards that come with it are not so great, but can easily be replaced with some old-fashioned Bicycle cards.


digital tire guageDigital Tire Gauge ($)

If your man has something with tires chances are he would appreciate the ability to make sure they are properly inflated, which reduces damage to the tire and increases fuel efficiency.

My favorite feature is that only has a single button to power on and illuminate the readout – perfect for us simple men!


The Art of Fixing Things ($)

gift guide for men

This is the book you MUST READ before you read any other ‘how-to’ guide to repairing cars, household appliances, garden machines, and farm equipment, or doing home improvements.

Bonus points:  the book may be a subtle way to say, “Oh honey, now you can fix that leaky shower head.”


Electric Paper Airplane ($$)

What gift guide for men worth anything would not include a toy for grown-ups.

My son received this as a gift, but I spent way more hours tinkering with it than he did!

Brought back some great memories from those times making paper airplanes with my grandfather, a USMC fighter pilot.


Yeti Rambler ($$$)

I confess that I resisted getting a Yeti for some time. However, I now own two – one for work and one for home.

There are other comparable brands out there that keep drinks cold for a long time, but I have found nothing that works as well as my Yeti Rambler.

You have no idea how sweet it is to wake up at 3:45 AM, reach over to your nightstand and take a swig of ice cold water.


First Car Model Kit ($$)

Help your simple guy relive his glory days by putting together a model kit of his first car.

Bonus points if the kids join in and put up with a couple hours of car stories.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a model kit for my 1985 Buick Century.


Wahl Stainless Steel Clippers With Beard Trimmer ($$$$$)

This is a great all-in-one men’s grooming kit!

As guys get older we tend to have hair growing everywhere (yes, even out of our nose and our ears).

This kit has all the attachments men need to keep our grooming habits in check.


Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen ($$$$)

If your man is a fan of Jason Bourne, or maybe he likes to think of himself as a prepper, a tactical pen is a great gift idea.

Besides being a great writing instrument it also doubles as a glass breaker and a blunt point for self defense.



Rubik’s Cube ($)

Even us grown-up guys like to try our hand at the Rubik’s Cube.

Doubles as a great conversation piece on every man’s work desk.  Shows he has a fun side and can help relieve stress when you need to take your mind off life’s more important puzzles.


Bluetooth Wireless Car Transmitter ($$)

bluetooth-car-transmitterIf your simple man drives an old truck like me he probably doesn’t have access to modern features like Bluetooth.

That is not only annoying, it’s dangerous, as men have to fumble around on our cell phones trying to answer phone calls while driving.

This wireless car transmitter would makes a great addition to any gift guide for men.

Simple Man Money