Taking a Part-Time Job To Pay Off Debt

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Over the last few months our family has been operating a little like Congress – that is, we have been spending more than we earn.  It’s time to clean this up with some income from a part-time job.

We had a few unfortunate medical mishaps which added insult to literal injury, depleting a good bit of our emergency fund and causing us to add some debt.

I moved the debt to a low-interest consolidation loan at, but I know ultimately the only way to get out of debt is to increase our income and cut up the credit cards.

My wife has considered looking for work, but that complicates school and sports schedules.  I think for now our agreement is for me to try to pick up the income while she manages the household.

Traditional Part-Time Job Versus Self Employment

It would be great if my online earnings from blogging and other pursuits were high enough that neither of us had to take on additional part-time work.

However, if I’m honest, that just doesn’t seem to be realistic in the very near future (though I will not give up on it).

The thing I most struggle with is trading valuable hours with my family for a minimum wage.  I recognize that is meant to be a livable wage for some, but that is not very realistic, in my opinion.

So while I’m slogging away at a restaurant or retail place for $7.25 per hour I recognize it will take many hours to make a meaningful dent in our debt balance.

That’s the beauty of passive income over a traditional part-time job. You may make money in your sleep!

No trading hours for a wage (I do enough of that from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  And since I can work from home to create that passive income it means more time with my family.

Side Hustle Ideas

Pizza Delivery

A guy who delivered our pizza the other night is doing something similar to what I’m planning.  He said he earned over $1,000 a month delivering pizzas.

Before you say that’s impossible it’s worth noting that includes a small wage, tips and his share of any delivery fees or mileage reimbursement.

Ryan from chronicled his journey to debt freedom by delivering pizzas.  It is far from glamorous, but then again, I kind of like the idea of just running pies back and forth from the store to customers.  I liked delivering for UberEats for the same reason!


Speaking of Uber, ridesharing is another way to make a decent side income.  The real beauty of driving for Uber is it offers the ultimate schedule flexibility.  You can literally sign on and off whenever you want to work.

No set schedule like any other part-time job.  No boss.

Like delivering pizza, the hours for an Uber driver can really stink.  Uber’s prime time in most major markets is closing time for late-night establishments.  This also means dealing with those who have had a little too much to drink.

In the end, it may take some combination of delivering pizzas, Ubering and continuing my blogging pursuits to clean things up.  I realize it’s just temporary.  Time to roll up my sleeves!

Lowering your average interest rate

Regardless of the side hustle you choose be sure to make every attempt possible to lower your average effective interest rate on outstanding debts by consolidating your debt with a low-interest loan.

This way, that extra money you earn from the side hustle will make a much larger dent in your debt balance each month.

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