What To Buy In July

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With summer winding down for some, and just getting started for others, the month of July offers a unique opportunity to score deals, if you know what to buy in July.

Some things are fairly obvious, like summer clothes and fruits and vegetables.  Other items may seem counterintuitive, like vacation rentals and certain electronics.

Let’s look at each one individually.


More specifically, laptops, which are getting a run for their money from the growing popularity of tablets.

Personally, I still like having a laptop for any hardcore writing (the virtual keyboards on a tablet screen and keyboard cases just aren’t the same).

July offers a sweet spot in laptop deals because retailers are gearing up for back-to-school while looking to make room for newer models.

I often find the next-to-most-recent models perfectly suitable, but be sure to check the specs before making a buying decision just because it is a good deal.


The other day I was in our local grocery store and saw corn on sale for $0.30.  I picked up a couple dozen ears, blanched them and then stored them in our freezer.  This winter they will make a tasty side dish that I only spent $7.20 and a little time to stock up on.

The same could be applied to summer fruits and other vegetables.

I really would like to do more canning, and this would be the perfect time to practice with things like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at a fraction of their offseason prices.

Summer Clothing

Here lately I have been buying most of my work shirts via eBay.  I have discovered that I can generally find very good deals on button down shirts at a fraction of the department store costs.

In fact, just last week I found a gently used Chaps polo shirt for $9.50.  It retails for $60.00.

Having said that, July is the time when many retailers start looking to make room for the fall and winter fashions, and you can generally find some good sales on summer clothing.

The longer you wait, the poorer the selection, but the better the deals.

It’s often a balancing act between waiting for rock bottom prices, but not waiting so long that there is nothing in your size, or nothing you would wear remaining on the shelves.

What about you?  Do you have something in particular that you like to stock up on in July?  Any deals you can share with the rest of us?


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